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America’s Superpower Panic

Global superpowers have always found it painful to acknowledge their relative decline and deal with fast-rising challengers. Today, the United

Long After Hiroshima

How do we honor victims? We can remember them and appreciate who they were. But there were too many of

Poor Wittle CNN

“So, Senator Sanders, do you think that someone who’s profited from the current so-called healthcare system, like John Delaney, is

Top End Travels: The Tiwi Islands, the Catholic Church and…

Lush mangroves, the spray of emerald water from the Timor Sea, the sense of the untainted: the journey to the

Southeast Asia Was Hit By a Record-Breaking Disaster; It Was…

In my town in the United States — as is not especially unusual — we have big memorials in prominent

U.S. Troops Back in Saudi Arabia: What Could Go Wrong?

The First Gulf War back in 1990 was a big huge success. One of the things it accomplished was a

Mike Gravel Should Be In the Debates

I spoke with Senator Mike Gravel on Thursday and asked him whether it seemed fair to him to be excluded

Is Tulsi Gabbard Qualified?

I want Tulsi Gabbard in the Democratic Presidential debates because she speaks out against wars. She raises the topic unasked.

Military Bill Amended for the Better: This Pig Has Really,…

The latest U.S. House of Representatives version of the National Defense Authorization Act, which is beyond global in scope and

The Obama Wars

By “the Obama wars” I don’t mean some overgrown infants on television screaming racist insults or pretending that opposing racism

How – and How Not – to Restore Trust in…

In most industries, a quality product is easy to identify, thanks to markers like price, brand, and reviews. But in

Patriotism Is Too Small For My Family

Ending bigotry has gone mainstream among the enlightened people of the developed world. Did you spot the acceptable bigotry in

The Fourth of July is for Making Fun of Canada

Yay! It’s the Fourth of July! Time to blow some fingers off with firecrackers and laugh at the poor dumb

Meritocracy Mythologizing

You’d think a publisher with this many names could check for glaring errors in its books: “Currency, Crown Publishing Group,

This Is Really Not a Drill

On Wednesday, the first 10 of the 20 Democrats whom the corporate media is permitting into what they call debates

Life in Prison

If you’re free, if you’re not locked behind bars (and I do realize that this is true of a smaller

What Survives Genocide?

Jeffrey Ostler’s Surviving Genocide: Native Nations and the United States from the American Revolution to Bleeding Kansas, tells a complex,

War on Iran Stupidest Idea Yet Recorded in a Human…

Scientists not employed by ExxonMobil or named Neil DeGrasse Tyson have reached a universal consensus. Wanting the United States to

It’s the Emoluments, Stupid. Impeach for Iran.

The constitutional ban on receiving gifts or benefits while in office from the U.S. government or state governments (domestic “emoluments”

Anyone who’d rather not be shot should read this book

Thom Hartmann has long written and spoken on the topic of guns in the United States, along with many other