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The Opaque Pacific: Fiji’s Maritime Essential Services Centre

With China constantly being accused of insufferable secrecy and a lack of openness about security and defence arrangements among partners

The Fuss about Monkeypox

The World Health Organization has been one of the easier bodies to abuse. For parochial types, populist moaners and critics

Gilding the Cage of Suburbia: Farewelling Neighbours

The statistics of Australia’s longest running drama series about sickeningly idyllic suburbia will interest soap show boffins. It lasted 5,955

Facial Recognition Technology Down Under

The language is far from reassuring. Despite being caught red handed using facial recognition technology unbeknownst to customers, a number

Chaff Candidates: The Race for the UK Tory Leadership

As UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson set the scene in spectacular fashion. All who sought to confine him to history,

International Accountability: Myanmar, the ICJ and the Genocide Question

The indomitable spirit of Raphael Lemkin, bibliophile, assiduous documenter of humanity’s dark deeds and inexecrable conduct, is bound to be

Scott Morrison Awaits the Apocalypse

The minds of defeated prime ministers are rarely pretty. In some cases, they are damnably awful places, where ruins accumulate

Customary Barbarity: Britain’s SAS in Afghanistan

The insistence that there is a noble way of fighting war, one less bloody and brutal, has always been the

Get Gota: Holding a War Criminal Accountable

The fall and ignominious retreat of Sri Lanka’s Gotabaya Rajapaksa has enlivened one distinct possibility. Having formally resigned as Sri

Barely Legal: The Global Uber Enterprise

The lobbying of Uber should, along with those of other corporate giants, only surprise those prone to pollyannaish escapism. Its

Hoisted by their own Petard: Wimbledon’s Russian Player Ban

It was, all and all, an odd spectacle. The Ladies’ Singles victor for Wimbledon 2022 had all the credentials that

The Major Questions Doctrine: The US Supreme Court Blunts the…

The US Supreme Court has been frantically busy of late, striking down law and legislation with an almost crazed, ideological

The Brutality of “Bulldozer Justice” in India

It looks all too eerily similar as a method: the expulsion of individuals from their home, the demolition of said

Top Gun: Maverick: The Pentagon Recruitment Drive

Hollywood, like the US press, has not been spared the influential hand of government. Under the mask of various projects,

Fighting the First UK-Rwandan Refugee Flight

June 10 bore witness to a valiant effort on the part of refugee groups and a trade union to stop

A Spanish Court Calls: Mike Pompeo, We Want You

On June 3, Judge Santiago Pedraz of Spain’s national court, the Audienca Nacional, issued a summons for former CIA director

Platinum Jubilees and Republican Questions

The platinum jubilee will bore and cause some to yawn. It might certainly agitate the republican spleen in the fourteen

Ukrainian crisis –Meanings, Consequences, Outcome

Three months have now passed since the Russian ‘special operation in’ or ‘invasion of’ (depends which sources you are citing)

Australia’s Covert Action Approaches: Auxiliary and Economic Dimensions

Mindful of the remit of this project in identifying specific national approaches to covert action and its various methodologies, this

COVID Brain Fade at the Australian Elections

It’s the last week of an election between the uninspiring and the unspeakable. Australia’s conservative incumbents – the unspeakable ones