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Can I hope from Nepalese intelligentsia?

By Kalyan Dev Bhattarai:
At present it is very difficult to get the right , correct political analysis specially on the coming CA election 2 . It is not that Nepalese politicians, writer, journalist, columnist etc do not know the exact situation, but the problem lies in their slavery mentality. Any person interested in the politics of the country do realize easily that the failure of the last talk between the Maoist (Biadhya) and government side ,facilitated by the President and undertaken in the name of all party meeting failed because of Indian interference. (possibility I mentioned in my then FB status also). It was crystal clear that the visit of foreign secretary of India was to marginalize the Maoist (Baiadhya) from the main politics. It was clear from the newspaper reporting that the Biadhya Maoist have shown remarkable flexibility and limited their demand finally to two issues 1 to postponed the election to Chaitra Month from the Mangisher 4th and 2 The resignation of present PM ,KRR from the post of CJ. The first demand is technical and need no analysis as it does not affect the people and nation and i see nothing wrong to postpone the election till Chaitra month .In reference to 2nd demand of Maoist that KRR should resign at least from the post of CJ, in my opinion is genuine, justified and good demand. In my opinion only corrupt crook power hungry politicians will go against such logical demand which is a must to protect the democracy. It is clear that India wants this country to face the civil war so that it can gain all kinds of political as well as resources benefits from the destabilized, civil war affected country easily.

This lead us to a very important question why then the concerned party right from the president, syndicates , party cadres, and civic society etc were mum and accepted the wrong decision of the president, syndicate and political parties in the name of election when they all know that the last demand of Maoist Baidhya was logical easily attainable, and good for the country as well as for the strengthening of the democracy also and for the formation of the constitution also.

My analysis is that as all most all political parties of Nepal are the victim of slavery mentality and consider that to be Nepal’s PM and stay there for considerable time one need the good will of India and virtually should be Indian slaves, so to expect anything against their god-father was not possible. From the shortage of the right analysis on this issue it looks most of the columnist/journalist are also paid by India and cannot write the truth, even they are aware of the facts. I wonder when the country is in dearth of honest analysis how it can identify its real problem and without identification of the correct problem how you look for correct solution. I am not worry on the political leaders and their puppet cadres, as we all know they are looting the country in the name of politics since last 63 years but feel very sorry on the fear psychosis of the so called well known columnist of the country .Before it is too late and the country is thrown in the unwanted civil war from the machination of in India let the intelligentsia come forward and do something for the country, if they have even the tint of patriotism .

Here it is high time to remember the scenario when Dr Babu Ram Bhattarai visited the Shingh durbar with his demand to meet the then PM Sher Bhadur Deuba ,and he was neglected and marginalized due to foolishness, incompetency and lack of political vision of then PM Deuba along with the US instigation , Nepalese people had to face 10 long years insurgency and lost more than 14000 young lives and trillion of worth national property un necessarily all due to foolishness and incompetency of Deuba. In my opinion Deuba deserve jail punishment for such gross negligence of his duty. It is pity of the Nepalese politics that such incompetent, fool, vision less fellow is consider leaders of NC and see the ridicule the NC expects to get majority what an exhibition of intellectual bankruptcy ! .

Today the history is repeated and to marginalized the Biadhya Maoist at this stage when the country is just out of one insurgency and still not well recovered from the ill effect of the last insurgency , the fool, vision less power lusted, corrupt crooks , considered as political leaders are preparing to start the civil war in the country in the name of election. Well to be honest nothing better can be expected from the power hungry selfish politicians of the country but I wonder what forced the president to follow like a puppet to these four power lusted political leaders. It was he who marginalized all the political power of the country and accepted the 4 political parties only as the major stakeholders and lead the country as directed by the 4 corrupt leaders and transferred the present interim constitution to the level of used toilet paper. For the initial mistake one can pardon the president considering his naïve, however repetition of same type of mistake one after another by the institution like president office raises the question do such institution which cannot fulfill its duty and protect the constitution is needed in the country?

After knowing well and being proved from yesterday’s raid of Indian police to residence of Nepalese citizen in Nepal territory without permission of Nepalese side, need no further discussion to conclude that Nepalese political parties are just the agent and slaves of India and their mission is to see that India gets all types of benefit and resources like the forest timber, herbs, water, and market for their garbage etc. At this stage when one see the failure of President, judiciary , political parties ,ministry to protect the country from impending civil war it is natural that law abiding democracy loving and development desired citizen like me will hope the intelligentsia of the country will show their responsibility to intervene for the betterment of country . Can I hope that from Nepalese intelligentsia? 19th September 2013

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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