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Biodegradable Plastic That Degrades Within 180 Days: Now Available In Nepal

By N24 Correspondent, KATHMANDU:- Plastic pollution is a serious threat to our environment and health, and plastic is something that doesn’t degrade for more than 500+ years. Also time and again people are spotted burning plastic waste, emitting hazardous smoke which can cause serious health problems when inhaled.

Not only that, Nepal’s rivers and mountains are filled with piles of plastic garbage, depleting the country’s natural beauty and is a threat to wildlife. To tackle this problem, Jain Trading Concern, a Kathmandu based trading company, has recently introduced biodegradable products under Clean Nepal 2021 project that degrade within 180 days of landfill and are made with sustainable ingredients, keeping our environment and climate change issues in consideration.

According to a statement, products ranging from biodegradable plastic bags, garbage bags, straws, fork, spoon, grocery bag, stand up pouches, cling film and even bubble wrap is now available through Jain Trading Concern. These products are now available in Daraz or through CleanNepal2021 Instagram page, for anyone who is interested to switch to a sustainable product.

“Our primary aim at the moment is to help switch the single use of plastic in offices/household dustbins to a biodegradable alternative” says Jain trading Concern’s CEO Bunty Sethia. “By now, I think at least half of the world’s population knows how dangerous plastic is but eliminating them fully from our life is a difficult mission. But by starting to boycott single use plastic and asking manufacturers of consumer products or service providers to use biodegradable alternatives could be a very effective step in solving plastic problem and making this difficult mission, possible.”

Clean Nepal 2021, whose motto reads, “Let’s restore Nepal’s beauty”, spreads awareness on environmental health and provides alternative options to the consumers. For more information, please follow CleanNepal2021 on Instagram.


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