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Bigwigs agree to resolve disputed issues through transitional parliament

KATHMANDU: Senior leaders of three lead parties- Maoist, Congress and UML- have neared agreement to promulgate the constitution by incorporating issues that have been settled and to resolve disputed issues through the transitional parliament.
Congress Vice President Ram Chandra Paudel and UML Chairman Jhalnat Khanal confirmed the reports and claimed  that they have agreed to resolve the disputed issues the transitional parliament.

However Maoist Vice Chairman Naryan Kaji Shrestha contradicted the statement and claimed that parties have agreed to resolve disputed issues through the transitional parliament if the cater consensus on forming identity-based federalism.

Madhesi Front leader Hrydesh Tripati slammed the agreement and claimed that they would not accept a constitution sans ethnic-identity-based federalism and warned that they were even ready to dissolve the CA if the demand is not addressed.

The bigwigs of the three parties had held meeting with the UDMF prior to the meeting of the three parties, a source privy to the meeting said.

The political parties are under pressure following the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday that turned down the constitution amendment bill seeking extension of the Constituent Assembly term submitted by the Cabinet. Bigwigs informed that they will come up with a combined draft incorporating the agreed issues today while the disputed issues including the state restructuring will be left for the transitional Parliament. The Constitution Assembly term is set to expire within three days.

The four-party meeting is taking place at Singha Durbar at 11 am today.

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