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Biden withdraws Trump’s rule to stop immigrants from burdening US health care system

(File: President Joe Biden signing executive orders in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. File photo: AFP

N24 Correspondent, WASHINGTON:- Former President Donald Trump’s executive order to stop immigrants from burdening the US health system has been revoked by President Joe Biden Friday.

Trump’s order could prevent immigrants from entering the United States who are likely to be a burden on the US health care system.

Biden Friday reversed various orders and policies issued by the Trump administration targeting immigrants.

The executive order, issued by Trump in 2019, made health insurance mandatory for immigrants arriving in the United States even before they arrived.

The rule states that visa applicants must be able to prove that they have health insurance within 30 days of coming to the United States, or that they must pay for their own health care before they are allowed to stay in the United States.

Trump said in an executive order that immigrants coming to the United States should not become a burden on the US health care system by spending money paid by US taxpayers.

Biden said his administration was committed to quality and affordable health care systems. Biden says they can achieve that goal without stopping the economically weak from coming to the United States.

Last May, the Ninth Circuit Court barred the implementation of health insurance rules on visas.

This rule was being prepared for implementation in November 2019. But the law was not enforced after a district court in Oregon temporarily barred it. The District Court’s order was upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court.

Trump’s rule was expected to deny more than 375,000 green cards a year, saying it could be a burden on the US health care system.

Under the rules, sponsors for US immigrant visas, or green cards, would be burdened with additional responsibilities and burdens.

Under the rules, a person applying for a U.S. immigrant visa could have his or her visa revoked if he or she failed to prove that he or she was not a burden on the U.S. health care system.

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