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Banking system hacking scam: NRB says not to worry

Nepal Rastra Bank. Image for Representation

KATHMANDU:- Fifteen banks including Nepal Rastra Bank have received warning of hacking their banking system.
It is said that spokesperson and the deputy spokesperson of the Nepal Rastra Bank and high officials of different banks had received the warning email on Wednesday evening.
Chief of the Bank and Financial Institutions Regulation Department and Spokesperson of the Nepal Rastra Bank, Dev Kumar Dhakal, said that though the email was received on Wednesday evening, it was said that the banking system would be hacked and money would be withdrawn Thursday morning.
He shared that the group claiming itself ‘the group of hackers’ sent message of hacking the banking system of 15 commercial banks including NRB and withdrawing money.
Dhakal added, “I had received such type of message in Viber and Messenger. We checked banking system of NRB and other banks. Our system has not been hacked and it is safe. So there is no situation to be worried.”
Further investigations into the warning email were underway and it is still unknown who sent such type of message.
The hackers in the message warned of withdrawing money hacking banking system of Nepal Rastra Bank, Kumari Bank, Nepal Bank Limited, Nabil Bank, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Machhapuchchhre Bank, NMB Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Citizen Bank International, Sanima Bank, Nepal SBI Bank, Everest Bank, Nepal Investment Bank and Himalayan Bank.
Similarly, the hackers also warned of not taking their message lightly.

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