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Austrian Government will make lock-down easier and flexible from February 8

(File: Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz with a face mask walks at the federal chancellery in Vienna, Austria, Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021. The Austrian government has moved to restrict freedom of movement for people, in an effort to slow the onset of the COVID-19 coronavirus. AP Photo: Ronald Zak)

By Baba Rajeshwari Thapa, VIENNA:- Austria’s lockdown due to coronavirus infection will be easier and flexible from February 8.

The Austrian government has been forced to make the lockdown easier and flexible due to pressure from protests against the lockdown.

On Saturday, thousands of citizens took to the streets in Vienna to protest against the lockdown.

However, according to the new provision, those entering Austria must present proof of the negative COVID-19 test. Also, before entering Austria, you have to register with the concerned body along with personal details.

After entering Austria, you will have to stay in quarantine for ten days and after five days you can be tested for corona, the Ministry of Home Affairs clarified today.

According to the new provision, those coming to Austria from neighboring countries for daily work will have to undergo a mandatory corona test once a week.

The schools will be open from next week, but the classes will be conducted by dividing the students into two groups. School teachers will also be tested for corona once a week. It is forbidden to leave the house from 8 pm to 6 am except for employment or other special work.

A maximum of four adults or two families can visit during the day. Businesses will remain open but masks will be mandatory. Each customer is assigned a range of 20 square meters. Services that are physically close to the customer, such as haircuts and salons, will also be open from February 8, but customers will have to prove that they are not corona infected.

Museums and zoos can also be visited by wearing a mask. Hotels and restaurants will be closed again until February 28. If the number of corona infections increases, the lockdown will be tightened immediately, said Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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