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Asylum seekers receive two years work permit in the US

LOS ANGELES: Bringing a change in its previous policy in favor of asylum seekers, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has increased the period of work permit from one year to two years.

According to a USCIS statement, the new policy would be effective from October onward. “Effective October 5, 2016, (the) USCIS has increased the validity period for initial or renewal Employment Authorization Documents for asylum applicants from one year to two years,” says the official statement of the USCIS.

“Applicants with pending asylum claims file Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, under category (c)(8). This change applies to all (c)(8)-based applications that are pending as of October 5, 2016 and all such applications filed on or after October 5, 2016.”

Asylum seekers have been receiving work permit until a final decision on their case is made either by the immigration officials or the court of law. The work permit was being renewed every year but from here on, it will be renewed for two years.

This new provision will benefit thousands of Nepalis in the US as their cases are pending either at the USCIS or the court of law.

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