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Anup, turned to 35, says, “I’m not in a hurry to get married.”

On the occasion of his birthday, he provided 6 laptops to the children's of 'Our Child Protection Foundation Nepal'in the afternoon.

KATHMANDU: Actor Anup Vikram Shahi, popularly known as ‘Handsome Villain’, is celebrating his birthday on Thursday. Filmmakers and well-wishers have been wishing him through social media since midnight. Due to Corona’s epidemic, he is not planning to celebrate his birthday in a special way like last year.

Anup, who is also active in social work along with acting, has also taken responsibility for the upbringing and education of some children. During the ongoing lockdown due to Corona, he had provided relief to 30 children at ‘Our children home Protection Foundation Nepal’ in the capital. On the occasion of his birthday, he handed over 6 laptops to the children of the same ashram in the afternoon.

pic by Anzan Kc

On Thursday morning Anup said, “Because of Corona, this time there is no plan to celebrate the birthday with friends and relatives.” I have been watching some children. Today I am providing laptops for their education and I am also going to make internet connections. Because of Corona, they have not been able to study well. I am going to provide a laptop for studying from the internet. ‘

Although he is 35 years old, he is not thinking of getting married immediately. He says that there is not much pressure from the family for marriage. Saying that he is single after breaking up with actress Malina Joshi, Anup says that he is satisfied with his film career. Now he plans to be serious in movie selection. Currently he has not signed any film.

After filming ‘Lappan Chappan 2’, he said, “I used to trust a lot of people. However, for various reasons, the film did not turn out well. Now I am thinking of making one or two films a year. The film is being offered. But, I will not sign the film until I am satisfied with the script and my role. ‘Anup has been playing both hero and villain roles in the movies.

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