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Analysis: KP Oli’s Patch UP Bid With Madhav Nepal Should Not Be ‘Artificial’ And ‘Cosmetic’

By N24 Correspondent, KATHMANDU:- In the past three weeks, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli sat down for several rounds of talks with his longtime colleague and senior leader of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Madhav Kumar Nepal. PM Oli was clear he intended to mend fences with MK Nepal. However, he was not sure if he was dealing honestly and seriously with MK Nepal.

On Sunday, November 8, 2020, PM Oli telephoned MK Nepal and conveyed his message that he wanted to sit down for talks again. MK Nepal nodded yes and reached to the PM’s official residence at Baluwatar. But MK Nepal was not alone, as party seniors Bhim Rawal, Surendra Pandey and Raghuji Pant also accompanied him.

PM Oli actually wanted a one-on-one talks with MK Nepal, but Nepal was still not sure if PM Oli was serious in his intention. As a matter of fact, MK Nepal decided to approach PM Oli with a group of four leaders.

There are several instances in the past, in which PM Oli approached MK Nepal for patch ups, albeit with an apparent “artificial” tone of gestures.

“If PM Oli is really serious in befriending MK Nepal again, he has no option than to be frank, honest and serious in his motive. In the past, PM Oli has deceived and cheated on MK Nepal for a number of times. This may be the reason MK Nepal maintained some cautions for this time around as well,” said an analyst, who did not want to be named.

In Sunday’s meeting, MK Nepal and other leaders reminded PM Oli that his habit of not listening to the suggestions of party leaders, not giving space to the nominees of other party leaders in political appointments and running the government with an indifferent individualistic approach are harming the party unity.

NCP party never belonged to an individual, as it is a party based on collective leadership, sharing of ideas and exchanging of brilliance, they reminded the PM.

PM Oli initially listened to them, but as his intention of talking one-on-one with MK Nepal was not fulfilled, he then started diverting the matter to a topic, such as how energetic he’s become since the second transplant of kidneys and that his gray moustache is turning black – a sign of vigor and youthfulness.

“If PM Oli is desperate to court MK Nepal back, he should make a deal with him – an honest deal though, with the absence of cheating factor,” said the analyst.

“If MK Nepal cannot talk one-on-one at Baluwatar, PM Oli should take out his time to pay a visit to Nepal’s residence at Koteshwor and talk one-on-one. MK Nepal is a moderate centrist leader, who deserves much respect and dignity from PM Oli and all sides.”

A crucial question here: what was the last time PM Oli visited MK Nepal at the latter’s residence? Nobody has an exact knowledge about this, as this event rarely happened in the past. It may be high time for PM Oli to be honest and serious in his bid to win MK Nepal’s confidence back and yes, definitely pay a respectful visit to him without delay.

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