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An old man plowing a field

(An old man plowing a field in Shuklagandaki Municipality-12 of Tanahu. Lately, after the youth have gone abroad for employment, the old people are forced to work in the fields of the village. Damauli, 19 March 2021. Photo: Krishna Neupane, RSS) bdf}nL, & r}t -/f;;_ M tgx’Fsf] z’Snfu08sL gu/kflnsf–[email protected] lsl;bLdf af/L hf]Tb} Ps j[4 . ufpF3/sf o’jf ljb]lzPkl5 v]taf/L hf]Tg] sfddf j[4x? nfUg’kg]{ afWotf 5 . t:jL/ M s[i0f Gof}kfg]

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