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Amnesty International demands guarantee of press freedom in Nepal

KATHMANDU: Amnesty International Nepal has urged the government to guarantee press freedom legally as well as in practice.
In a press statement issued by the Amnesty International Nepal’s Director Nirajan Thapaliya here Thursday, the human rights organization called on the government to ensure the press freedom and freedom of expression as guaranteed by the constitution of Nepal.
In the context of 26th World Press Freedom Day today, Amnesty International also drew the attention of the government towards the fact Nepal slid to 106th position from 100 in Press Freedom Index according to a statistics unveiled by the Reporters without Borders.
According to Federation of Nepali Journalists’ (FNJ), a total of 36 journalists were murdered since 1996 to date while dozens of journalists continue to be arrested unabated and fined since the Electronic Transaction Act came into effect in 2006.
Furthermore, the Amnesty International has quoted FNJ’s data that there has been as many as 60 cases of violation of press freedom last year. Amnesty International has also appealed to one and all concerned authorities to further strengthen free, fair and democratic society in Nepal by ensuring press freedom and freedom of expression in the country.

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