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American Journey; Guru Ghimire in USA

By Reetu Ramdam, New York: Nepal, a landlocked country, though small in area coverage, is rich in own values, tradition and culture. Before political movement over a decade ago, Nepal used to be only Hindu Kingdom. I am a religious person and do believe in unseen power which is ruling this world and controlling all these planets of universe, but today I’m not talking about any religion advocacy. Majority of Nepalese population have strong belief in the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies to have an influence on their life and surroundings. Janam Kundali a.k.a. Birth chart is prepared after a child’s birth, describing the overall personality characteristic of person in pictorial form. Further, birth-chart is also believed as a medium to predict future of a person by analyzing mere calculation of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies. People often pay visit to astrologers to know about their upcoming fortune/misfortune of life and also before starting any auspicious task, such as: new business, marriage, journey etc.
Guru GhimireDuring my venture of “Bidesh Tara Nepali Besh” The American Journey, I got an opportunity to meet a senior astrologer Guru Ram Prasad Ghimire, a very popular name among Nepalese community in America. Guru Ghimire has PhD. in Astrology and honorary PhD. degree in Ayurveda conferred by the Government of Germany for his mastering in Ayurvedic science and successful curing of many asthma patients.
It is almost impossible to turn your table against all odds of celestial positions in your birth-chart. Guru has always helped peoples with his knowledge of astrology and Ayurvedic medicine. He is a person full of life with magnetic aura. Like the famous quote “there is always darkness under the candle”, Guru always enlightened people’s life with his knowledge but couldn’t escape his misfortune of darkness. Anyone who knows Guru are disheartened to see him in wheelchair today with partial paralysis of his body. Though life has not been fair for Guru, smile on his face has never faded away.
Guru was born in remote village of Nuwakot, Nepal in October 18 1968 AD . At an early age of 8 years old, he left his home and went to India with the determination of getting education. In that young age, he had to struggle a lot to survive and fulfill his dream, even worked as a child labor at one of a restaurant in India. Even in difficult circumstances. he was resolute and unswerving to get his education; thus attended evening classes from 6pm to 9 pm. His hard work and dedication paid off well. He not only learnt Sanskrit language, an ancient Indic language, and Ayurveda but also obtained PhD. in Astrology. After 24 years of hardship, he returned back to Nepal to serve people with his knowledge. Guru considers one of the incident as his life turning event, meeting his “Master” for lifetime, Yogi Narharinath. Guru Ram Prasad Ghimire became one of the favorite disciple of Yogi. Back in those days, Yogi Narharinath use to be Royal Priest for Royal Family of Nepal and Yogi took Guru Ghimire under his wings. Guru Ghimire was appointed as a member of Royal Priest in 1992 AD (2049 BS), where he was in-charge of Astrology Section. Guru Ghimire served Royal Family and country for more than a decade as a Royal Astrologer Priest and travelled to different countries preaching his knowledge. He even stood in 3rd place in the World Hindu Convention in year 1994 AD (2051 BS), and was conferred honorary Doctorate Degree by the Government of Germany.
Guru with Yogi NarahariGuru Ghimire was climbing success ladder with his hard work but nature had planned something else for his future. While he was out of the country for convention and to perform some rituals, the unfortunate incident happened in Nepal, The Nepalese Royal Massacre, where nine members of Royal Family were killed including The King, Queen and their children. This bloodbath led to one after another event, resulting into conspiracies and political instability. The power shift between Royal Family and political parties had put life of people working close to Royal Family in danger and left with one of two choices either surrender or to escape from country to save life. Guru, accused of being a spy, had to fled from own country to save his life and destiny brought him to the United States of America in year 2005.
He still remember the day he landed in United State with the group of peoples including Kul Chandra Gautum, Bishwa Bikram Shah, Tara Nath Ranabhat, Lokendra Bahadur Chand, and Mohan Chandra Adhikari. The transition of his life from Royal Priest to foreigner in strange land was not easy. In his initial days, he stayed in New York and did what he is best at doing, working as an Astrologer for Hindu Community of America. Life in America was much more hard than he had speculated. Working as an astrologer was not sufficient to sustained his life and he had to think outside the box and explore a different venture in life. He moved to California and started handicraft business. For first time in life he was doing mathematic different than mathematic in astronomy. While he was narrating his story, it was like a flashback of all the past incidents in front of his eyes. Though being unwell and suffering from partial memory issue, he still remember people who supported him in his American Journey and got delighted while mentioning their names: Binod Rokka, Tegendra GC, Dr Kamal Pandey, Rishi Dhakal, Kapil Adhikari.
For his entire life he served people with his astrology skill, guiding them about their planets and future, but never made same efforts to guide his own. Being amateur in business trade, he was not able to keep up with highly competitive market and thus his handicraft business suffered a huge loss. In this money-minded world, humanity of few good peoples help to overcome difficult circumstances. Mr. Pushpa Lal Pradhan and Mrs. Kalpana Pradhan and there family an immigrant from Nepal, emerged as a helping hands for Guru. With the couples invitation, Guru moved to Florida and has been residing there ever since with his wife, sons and a daughter. Slowly, things were settling down and getting on right path, or at least that’s what Guru and his family thought. Guru was learning the trade in this “land of opportunity” and at the same time helping community with his astrology skills, another tragic event struck in his life. This time the ill-fate attacked his health in 2013; high blood pressure and diabetes deteriorated his health leading to a major stroke and he had to be hospitalized for six months. He even had to go through two major surgeries. He is obliged to his close family friend the “Pradhan” family who always stood by him during that difficult time. This is an overwhelming example of “foreign land but Nepali essence” and proves that humanity respect still counts.
The events of life is so unpredictable. Every journey is so different and those who fight against the odds arose as a survivor. Guru’s life fought through many ups and downs, struggled and he still consider himself as a warrior fighting against all odds, for the day when he can stand on his feet and continue his unfinished journey back in Nepal and serve the country.

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

For Indian tourists travelling by land:- 72 hours (-ve) C-19 report, CCMC form and Antigen Test at entry point

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