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Aftershocks of April 2015 Nepal earthquake may occur for years: seismologists

CHITWAN: Aftershocks of the Gorkha major earthquake which had struck the country on April 25, 2015 Nepal may continue for years, said seismologists.
Four years on since the devastating earthquake hit the country, over 46,000 below 4 on the Richter scale occurred so far, according to the National Seismological Centre.
Collision between Indian and Tibetan plates under the earth continues causing the aftershocks, said seismologist Prof Dr Harihar Poudel, adding that energy generated from the plate collision is being released in the form of aftershocks. Around 9,000 people were killed and approximately 22,000 others injured in the tragedy.
Referring to the 8 magnitude earthquake in 1990 BS that had its epicenter in Chainpur in the East where 10,700 people were killed and the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that affected Dharan the most, the eastern city of the country, Poudel said now the western area of the country is at high risk of earthquake.
Energy has been stored as the country has not had massive earthquakes since 500 years, he said. The government should make the people aware of earthquake risks and adopt preparedness, he said.
The country on Thursday marked the completion of four years of the Gorkha quake that ended in losses of lives and physical property on a larger scale.
Private houses, hospital buildings, public facilities and schools among others had brought down by the powerful quake. A total of 159 schools had been damaged/ destroyed in Chitwan. But so far, only 16 schools have been reinstated. According to information shared by the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) district project unit (education) Chitwan, the reconstruction of quake-damaged structures in the district achieved only 10 percent progress.
Office Chief Bhakta Raj Senchury said only 44 classrooms of 16 schools have been (re) build. Similarly, 115 classrooms of 36 schools are under-construction.
Office engineer Saroj Shrestha said the paucity of budget has affected the post-quake reconstruction drive in the district’s education sector.

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