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A beautiful mind always portrait the best

If we squeeze our minds and narrow down this world, we may destroy the outer spare. But if we enlarge our eyes it goes far beyond the distance from what we can rethink.
(Panoramic view of Kaligandaki river and Upper Mustang seen from Yaru Zho Viewpoint in Gharpajhong Gaonpalika-5 Thini of Himali District Mustang. From that point of view, the territory of China can also be seen. Photo: Niraj Thakali)

A beautiful mind is the one who always possesses a beautiful heart. If our feeling is beautiful and our mind is beautiful, then we will be able to portrait the best pictures of everything that we see around. No complaint at all for the dreadful, sadness, fear, doubt, and unfortunate but everyone deserves happiness, prosperity, pleasure with all the happiness on every expects of life. The beautiful minds always contemplate everyone is genuine, truthful, and the one with unlimited potential.

A tree goes throughout different phases of its life, it may pass by through the leafless and remains only with the empty limbs but sooner it will be filled the pigments having magnificent leaves. After stepping up that phase, its appearance and values turn into different forms. When the tree stays without leaves, nobody likes it, but, once it is filled by the different leaves and flowers it beautifies nature. If we see our lives in the same way, it also goes through the different phases.  It doesn’t stay with the warmest bed all the time but has to sleep in the coldest weather as well. It doesn’t stay with at convenient couch all the time but has to walk through the way with full of thorns. But regardless of where it is, if we shape our mind beautifully, it never hesitates to face any challenges it may come.

The things and the circumstances don’t control who we are but, the beautiful minds always believe everything is temporary, and sooner or later we will have a better life. Nothing is permanent neither the comfort nor the trouble. We need not worry about our past as it is already gone and never come back. We shouldn’t worry about the future as it is about to come and not sure it will or not. We are living in the present, which is today is the most important for us and we have to live for today making this time coloring with the beauty of happiness and joy with our own inner efforts.

We must be grateful for what we have and our life. We are always blessed and wonderful creatures to be, once our mind stays beautiful. We must be thankful for whatever we have today. Our life is precious because we are here to laugh, to enjoy, and cherish this beautiful world. The circumstances may come and go with different colors, but everything will bring happiness when we are able to keep our mind beautiful and stable. We should live our lives with respect and dignity no matter what jobs we do, no matter what the difficult situations we are facing. Because as given the example of the trees we also must encircle our lives through the various periods. We should portrait everything beautifully and pleasantly that give us the passion, excitement, and motivation in life. If we squeeze our minds and narrow down this world, we may destroy the outer spare. But if we enlarge our eyes it goes far beyond the distance from what we can rethink.

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