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In Chitwan National Park Nepal, 19 out of 41 dead rhinos found decomposed

Narayan Adhikari, CHITWAN: Half of the rhinos deceased due to natural reason at Chitwan National Park (CNP) has been found completely decomposed.
As many as 41 one-horned rhinos had died due to natural reason since mid-July of 2018. Even the sex of the 19 dead rhinos could not have been identified due to decomposition of the carcass.
According to Gopal Ghimire, Information Officer at CNP, only carcass of the dead rhinos was found so it was difficult to distinguish their sex.
Among the deceased, some of the carcasses were found covered with fungi. Most of the rhinos whose sex was yet to be identified had believably died in the previous years, Ghimire added.
“Roughly 22-25 endangered rhinos are annually found dead at CNP due to natural reasons”, he informed.
Ghimire said that they were able to find the decomposed carcass of the rhinos after carrying out sweep operations in the current fiscal year.
As many as 26 rhinos had died in the national park during the last fiscal year. According to the recent census, there are 605 rhinos in the national park. RSS

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